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With Covid-19 taking most of our fun away, this should not stop us from adding to the adventurous bucketlists we have tucked away for the time being. Here, we will explore 10 of the most unique hotels. Apart from staying in the most authentic hotels created by man, one will explore the activites that each hotel may bring. Please be aware that even if one does decide to skip ahead and visit the recommended places, that the Covid regulations are still applicable at each location.
Treehotel, Sweden. Britta and Kent Lindvall were the brains behind this beautiful idea. The hotel was originally thought of in 1993 but only developed in 2010. The idea was to have an Airbnb, yet it was turned into an international tourist attraction hotel. Today, there are a total of seven rooms named Mirror Cube, Birds nest, The Cabin, 7th room (picture above), The UFO, Dragonfly and The Blue Cone. To this, each room is suspended 4-6 metres above the ground. It is also rumored that three more rooms are still to be added to this designated area. The charismatic scenery of each room is designed by individual architects. Not only does the hotel offer cinematic views, but also a variety of different activities.
Icehotel, Sweden. The ice hotel is located in a small village named Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. It was first established in 1989 and built as an art exhibition to showcase the wonders of art created entirely from ice. Yngve Bergqvist is the founder of this hotel and, quite frankly, the most authentic idea I have come to terms with. This is due to the fact that each year this hotel is built from the ground up with snow and ice. The design of the hotel changes with the year, so it is always different. Winter seasons in Jukkasjärvi last about 8 months and the establishment of the hotel takes 6 weeks. Pretty impressive if you ask me.
Hotel Marqués De Riscal, Spain. The Hotel Marqués De Riscal has been on duty since 2006. The feature that sets this hotel apart is definitely the roof, which was designed by Frank Gehry. The curves and overflowing mass are believed to resemble a ribbon that covers the majority of the building. Each of the curves is symbolic of a bottle of wine, by colour, that is. The gold titanium coloured metal sheets represent the wire that barricades the wine, the rose colour for the wine itself and silver for the foil that covers the cork. The hotel is three stories high with 29 rooms. The luxury spa is an added feature to the hotel.