Travel Guide: Exquisite Italian Truffles and their Festivals

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What is your first impression of traveling to Italy? Most people think of Rome, Milan, mesmerizing landscapes, monuments, structures, beautiful islands, the sea, churches, pizza, art, etc. However, we rarely pay heed to the flavors of Italy. Truffle is such a delicacy that can serve you the best combo. Moreover, when truffles are paired with a simple rosette, scrambled eggs, or paste, it adds to the flavor. Their usage can be traced to Greek and Roman days. However, to add more excitement, you should visit the exciting truffle festivals that are celebrated all over Italy.
About Truffle Festivals. The locals of Italy are renowned for their ability to organize colorful festivals. One such notable event is the truffle festivals. The festival is religiously celebrated once a year between the seasons spring and fall. It marks the celebration of the truffle season, where food fests, cultural programs, shopping, and other entertainment would be worth participating in. However, the festivals may be long or short depending upon their duration. The short festivals are mostly held on weekends. Whereas, there may be longer ones that last for several weeks. Furthermore, the longer ones are considered as the bigger ones. Not only get a glimpse of their culture, but also the food habits of the native Italians.
The uniqueness of the International White Truffle Festival in Alba. The famous site of Alba town, where the International White Truffle Festivals are held, is located in the northwest part of Italy. Further, you can enjoy yourself as much as possible because you have two months in hand. The festival is held between October and December, which offers you full family entertainment. Moreover, there are special arrangements for kids to enjoy.