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If it’s waterfalls that you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Discover the picturesque Ottawa Valley and explore some of the most breathtaking, scenic waterfalls around the area. Don’t forget to pack a lunch and bring your camera along, to capture some of your unforgettable moments along the way.
There are five Bonnechere chutes (waterfalls) that are located along the Bonnechere River. Their tranquility and breathtaking beauty have become some of the top favorite tourist attractions for canoe enthusiasts and hikers in the Ottawa Valley.
First Chute Bonnechere Waterfalls – 2318 Thomson Road, Horton, Ontario. The First Chute of the river is where the Bonnechere empties into the Ottawa River, at Castleford, Ontario. The First Bonnechere Chute is a stunning, rugged waterfall that is highly accessible by foot or by canoe. This section of the river contains the First Chute Waterfall, a 10m high waterfall that falls down a gorge at a 45-degree angle.
This is the biggest of the five “Chutes” on the Bonnechere River. This waterfall is around 10 m high, and rumbles down a gorge at about a 45 degree angle. The bedrock here is tilted, and since some layers have been eroded more than others, it gives the waterfall face a jagged appearance.
Second Bonnechere Chute – 65 Arthur Avenue, Renfrew, Ontario. The Second Chute is located in the town of Renfrew, Ontario at the Swinging Bridge. This waterfall has a small hydraulic dam.
A low, long cascade below a dam is often dry. Flows are higher during colder, wetter periods of the year. But in all honesty, this site is probably more interesting to visit when dry, because you can get out and explore the interesting wide bedrock channel. The historic and attractive stone McDougall Mill has a commanding view of the cascade. Just downstream, a suspension footbridge lets you take in the whole scene at any time of year.
Third Bonnechere Chute – Douglas, Ontario. The Third Chute is located in Douglas, Ontario, which also has a small hydroelectric dam. This Chute of the Bonnechere River is a 21-foot (3.4 m) waterfall over which log drivers had to shepherd their timber back in the lumber days.
Loggers found five sets of waterfalls and rapids on the Bonnechere River and built Log Chutes around them. This is the Third Chute of the group, located in downtime Douglas. Access is not easy but going south on Mallock St. and then turning left on Emilin Street will bring you down to the Bonnechere River. Bonnechere Falls was the first chute, the Second Chute is in Douglas, the Fourth Chute is near to Douglas and the Fifth Chute used to run through the gorge at Eganville.