Dwayne Johnson Shares New Jungle Cruise Poster to Celebrate Trailer Reaction

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Dwayne Johnson shares a new poster for Disney’s upcoming Jungle Cruise film, just days after its latest trailer drew significant praise from fans.

Dwayne Johnson has shared a new poster for Disney’s upcoming adventure film, Jungle Cruise, to celebrate the positive response the film’s latest trailer has gotten. Set to arrive in theatres and via Disney+ on July 30th, it’s been a long wait for the theme park ride-turned big-budget summer movie. Disney’s initial plan had been to release the film last summer, but of course, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented that from happening.

As one of Disneyland’s original attractions, the Jungle Cruise initially may have seemed like a strange choice for a film adaptation. The attraction allows guests to take a boat ride along Disney’s interpretation of a jungle setting, complete with mechanical animals and threats of hostile locals. Thankfully, Disney recently acknowledged that Jungle Cruise’s portrayal of indigenous groups is problematic, and as a result, steps have been taken to remove the ride’s negative cultural associations. The move was part of Disney’s effort to make inclusivity a priority at the famed theme park, and with the release of Jungle Cruise likely set to transform the degree of interest in the attraction, it was definitely a much-needed change.

Little by little, Jungle Cruise has teased what’s in store for audiences, but it’s arguably been the most recent trailer that has created the biggest stir. Reactions have certainly been encouraging, and as a result, Johnson has taken to his official Instagram account to help further celebrate the film’s upcoming arrival. After praising the response from fans to the latest trailer, Johnson posted a new poster, the likes of which further illustrates the adventurous tone of Jungle Cruise.

Past statements from the cast of Jungle Cruise have likened it to an Indian Jones-style film, but until recently, what’s been seen of the film in images, clips and trailers hasn’t really done that comparison justice. However, the latest trailer changed everything, and the overwhelming response to it that Johnson speaks of makes sense, considering the film’s surprisingly abundant amount of action. At times the trailer feels very much like an Indiana Jones adventure, complete with substantial amounts of 1999’s The Mummy and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise thrown in for good measure. There’s been a significant amount of talk in recent months about films that can rejuvenate attendance at cinemas, but so far, no single release has managed to effect much change. Jungle Cruise genuinely seems like the sort of film that can get audiences back to the big screen, even if it is releasing simultaneously on Disney+.

Disney obviously has high hopes for Jungle Cruise, and in many ways, it feels as though the public is being primed for yet another colossal franchise. Quality has long since been bypassed as essential criteria for franchise films, replaced instead by what sort of numbers a release can muster in its opening week. As a result, Jungle Cruise is already in a very favorable position. Covid vaccines are allowing the public to begin the process of getting back to normal and a wild family-friendly adventure on the big screen seems like just the sort of thing that people will gladly gravitate to this summer.