Drive in Theaters Making a Comeback in America

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This past year and a half has been a telling one. Normal everyday life was boring. Not once had I ever felt like I was living the same day on repeat. That was until the world went into lockdown. Even though shops and restaurants are starting to open back up, the past year and some are different. People needed to come up with new ways to have fun and this brought back the popularity with drive in movie theaters.
Old school movies have showcased drive-ins as a popular date spot among high schoolers, like the classic Grease. I also have some experience with drive-in movie theaters, considering I have worked at one for the past four years. I have been able to see it grow and I think this has happened all across the nation. So, if you are looking for a fun vacation, I would suggest.
Skyline Drive-in Brooklyn, NY. What sets this apart from other drive-in theaters (though I am no expert, just someone who has worked in the industry) is that it is located in the city itself. Typically, I would think of drive-ins in a field, not right by the city. This theater also opened at the height of the pandemic. Which is very admirable. Most businesses were struggling but this drive in was able to have a grand opening.
The name of the theater itself sounds great. And it is very fitting. Skyline is in the perfect location.You are able to watch the movie from your car and see the skyline of the city. Honestly, two views for the price of one. Its busiest time is around 7 o’clock, which makes it a great place and time to observe the sun setting over the city.
Bel Air Diner, Astoria. This diner located in Queens is a nice example of how business became creative during the time of COVID. The Bel-Air Diner is now about 56 years old and still running. So, when indoor dining was suspended and only take was an option, they utilized their space. They had a very creative way to make the most out of a bad situation.
The parking lot allocated 40 cars that were able to park as the projector and screen were in an easy spot to show movies. Paired with the retro vibe of the diner, it was a great place to go to time travel. People were able to order food from the diner and eat it within the proximity of their car, making it the perfect place to kill some time during the week. This was a highly popular place last summer and a temporary outdoor movie theater.
66 Drive-in Theater, Missouri. This drive-in theater is one of the most famous theaters in the United States. Something else that is noticeable about the Route 66 drive-in is that it has stayed true to its roots for decades. It first opened in September of 1949. It was a typical drive-in theater.
There was a playground to accommodate the baby boom era, a concession for all the movie theater goodies one could want. And, of course, the 66 foot high screen. On the other side of the screen is the sign broadcasting the name of the theater. Though throughout the years the site has been renovated or changed to fit in with changing technology. For a little more than a decade, the route 66 drive-in closed and then, in 1998, opened back up and shows movies on the weekends.