Dear New York, I’ll Never Get Over You!

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In this monotonous routine of our life, we are witnessing people being badly affected by the pandemic. This phase will be remembered for long ages as it has impacted each one of our lives in the most unexpected way possible. In such a period, where all adventure seekers surely miss traveling, at the same time, there are times when people do wish that they could just get a day off, where they can wander off, eat, experience the joy, and experience adventure like before. A day in New York City might be just what we need.
The High Line, NYC. After a nice breakfast, some of us desire to have wonderful long walks and just admire the events occurring in front of us. Therefore, the High Line is one of the perfect places for this. It is a former rail line that has been transformed into an urban walking trail above the city streets. This exceptional public park has been filled with a variety of plants and trees, many of which are native species. In spring, all these things bloom to their fullest. Its beauty and fragrance are stunning. And even a 5-minute walk among them can lighten your mood.
The Grand Central Terminal, New York. It is often known as Grand Central station; it has stunning Beaux-Arts architecture and it’s worth giving it a shot. This building first opened in the year of 1913 as a terminal for train stations and subways.
If you visit here, you cannot miss admiring the views from the Grand Staircase. It’s a place where you can stop to gaze out at its stunning view. This place undergoes renovation after every few years. The beautifully restored ceiling here displays a celestial scene. You can also find an extensive range of restaurants and retail shops nearby.
The Brooklyn Bridge, NYC. It’s the perfect place to visit during the afternoon. You can find a myriad of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines with the scenic beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Tourists can choose to take a walk, admiring its Gothic-shaped arches. It is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks one might encounter even from the window of an airplane.
An hour’s walk on this bridge might even change your life in the most unexpected way possible with its iconic views. From the bridge itself, one can witness beautiful views over Manhattan, the Resat River, and beyond to the Statue of Liberty.