California Travel Guide: The Ideal Coastal Road Trip

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California is one of America’s most famous and highly visited states– and for good reason! The Golden State has a plethora of scenic beaches, bustling cities, quaint beach towns, iconic national parks and endless natural wonders to explore. However, with such a variety of places to see, it is hard to see them all on a short-term vacation. To help prioritize, some may try to fit in a diverse balance of attractions and cities, which can predominantly be found along its brilliant, rugged coastline. This blog will detail the best locations to visit for the perfect coastal California road trip.
Napa Valley. Begin your Californian road trip with a stop in one of the world’s most famous wine regions. Napa Valley is just a short drive from the major metropolitan cities of San Francisco and Sacramento, making it easily accessible from two major airports. Although slightly inland, this is the perfect start to any California coastal road trip. With ideal, year-round warm weather, this region is able to grow and cultivate perfect grapes. Thus, Napa Valley is home to some of the world’s greatest vineyards and some of the highest rated wine. In fact, with endless rows of grape vines atop miles of picturesque rolling hills, situated within a sprawling valley, you don’t even need to be a wine lover to appreciate this scenic region.
How to experience Napa Valley Napa Valley Wine Train– One of the cornerstone experiences in Napa Valley is the Wine Train. This tour starts in the town of Napa and takes travellers along a scenic, 36 mile route through the valley, ending in the quaint town of St. Helena. This tour focuses on the beauty and charm of the historic towns and valleys of the region.
Sonoma Coast. After indulging in the exquisite wines of Napa Valley, head west to get your first experience of the rugged beauty inherent along the California coastline. Although Sonoma is primarily known as another opulent wine region, the stretch of coastline in this county is among the best in California. The Sonoma Coast is brimming with natural attractions that are sure to take your breath away, and is an optimal introduction to the California coast. Here, you will find staggering cliffs, hidden coves, expansive beaches and towering ancient forests. These incredible scenes are spread over an impressive 50 regional and 11 state parks.