Aurora Borealis: An Extensive Guide to Chasing the Northern Lights

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Our world is full of wonders, from bright oceans and mist-covered mountains to breath-taking human constructs from long years past. The Northern Lights are one of these wonders. Though less seen compared to more commonplace tourist spots, they are not any less impressive. In preparation for the world after Covid-19, this guide will review the more popular viewing spots for the Northern Lights, as well as any other needs and interesting knowledge involved. Perhaps you’ll find yourself making the trip much sooner than anticipated.
So, we have a general idea of where to visit – the Northern territories of the world – but where exactly should you head for the best experience? Thankfully, many towns in the north have developed special hotels and tours for this exact purpose. If you aren’t quite a travel expert, heading to one of these towns may offer a more comfortable and satisfying trip.
Kakslauttanen, Finland. Kakslauttanen boasts some splendid views. It is definitely one of the more popular areas to visit during the season for viewing the Northern Lights. As shown above, its Arctic Resort features glass igloos, allowing guests to freely watch the night lights during their stay. This is convenient, seeing as the Northern Lights most commonly occur either late at night, or very early in the morning. These igloos provide a comfortably warm option for stargazing.
Fairbanks, Alaska. Switching over to the United States, Alaska is another territory that boasts a great view of the Northern Lights. Fairbanks is one of the more popular tourist areas, and there are many tours available to choose from. Each will allow you to get a taste of different activities, similar to Kakslauttanen’s Arctic Resort.
Reykjavik, Iceland. Iceland is another great place to plan your Northern Lights viewing trip. Though it is a capital city, you can easily find a good view of the Northern Lights only a bit away from Reykjavik. Like Fairbanks, this European city also offers many pre-planned tours for the pleasure of tourists.